Wednesday, 6 January 2010

And the UK comes to a standstill

We just cannot handle a sprinkling of snow... fact. It's seriously piss poor.

I now hear (no idea if its true) that we are running out of gas as as such the utility companies are having to ship it in, meaning it goes up in price, which they are passing onto the consumer, as much as double the current unit price.

This is total BS. Fuck this ridiculous country.


  1. Happy New Year Mick.

    The stuff about gas in the press hasn't been particularly well covered. I'd like to add the following:

    We're a constant net importer of gas under any circumstances, the storage facilities here are more than enough to get us through any normal period (the Gas Balancing Alert earlier this week was the second one ever). This alert does not indicate that there is any threat to supplies, more that action (increasing flows from North Sea fields or increasing imports) should be taken. For this to happen, with supply being tight, prices will rise, since gas is a freely traded market.

    Prices have been four to five times higher than this in years gone by. And the utilty industry will butt-fuck us all on the prices, no matter what happens.

    That said, feel free to burn the wife's clothes if you run out of gas and need solid fuel.


  2. country's a piece of shit mick. We can't even handle a bit of snow, the fuckin government are a joke and we never have any contingency in place for anything, swine flu was the last thing and now this. Our side roads are like ice rinks as they are not a priority apparantely, its alright gritting the main roads but if now fuckerc an get out the side roads an on to them, whats the fuckin point??? ahhhhhhh

    old ladies cant even get the shop cos the paths are a joke and my mum (who's disabled) has been house bound all over xmas and now again, fuckin sick of it I am. ahhhhh rant over

  3. Is the photo a hint that you feel the Gas prices are.....................2 dear!!!!!!!!!!

    gl Mik.

  4. Just build a snowman and shut the fuck up Mik.


  5. Have you even got any snow you donkey bothering bastard!!!!! You faggots on the coast hardly even see the stuff ;o)

  6. Couldn't agree more Mick. This country is a fukin disgrace!! There no fukin backbone to it anymore, I dread to think what the fuk would happen if something serious happened, I fear the Country would just fold.