Saturday, 16 January 2010

Back on the Up

Following my disaster early in the month, I am back on track. Just about getting back to where I was before the crash!

Played about 12k hands so far this month and I am still developing a lot as I go along. Enjoying it, just those two days that crushed me a bit, but as Arnie says "I'll be back" and to be fair I was :-)

I have also been playing some Sunday Million sats, with the intention of playing in the Seat only satellites to the UKIPT, unfortunately good 'ol Pokerstars really has flicked my doomswitch to the on position. I have been so close, especially yesterday, with 16 left in an $11 rebuy, I look down at AA..wee. Anyways action ends up all in 3 ways, AA vs JJ vs AQ, for a 50k pot, when the chipleader had 30k. Of fucking course flop is QJx. FML. I was gutted, I take that pot and I am confident of picking up one of the 4 packages.

To be honest though, it's been like that in all the sats I have played on there. Been playing fairly well tnh, but it's been brutal at the crucial points. AA just cannot hold up for shit and win a race? lol you have to be fkin kidding!!

I really wanna play the UKIPT, but Stars is killing me. Unfortuantely the BR can't sustain a direct buy-in of $935, so sats are my only option.

Gonna have a few more tries, not ready to give up just yet.

Back to the cash game grind for now, hope you guys are all running good.



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