Monday, 25 January 2010

APAT tourney

So this weekend was the APAT Team event. I'll do a full trip report in another post, but suffice to say it was a good weekend. This is just a tourney report, a bit boring, but something for me to look back on when I am WSOP ME champion!

The tournament went quite well for me. My starting table wasn;t the best, there were two players who were very aggressive, which seemed to get the whole table 3-betting a lot, hence lots of aggro. Me being me, I wanted to playsome flops in position, see if I could hit something and then try and get these aggrotards to play me, but early doors it wasn;t happening much.

I did hit a straight with 89 on a 5K67 board, in a multi-way flop and I was on button. It checkd round the flop and check round to me on turn so I put out a small steal type looking bet only for everyone to just pass.

Then a nice hand occured:

I am on BTN. It folds round to HJ who limps and then so does CO. I look down at AKs and make it 5 BB's to play. Blinds fold, HJ folds and CO calls.

Flop comes A93 rainbow. Co checks to me and I make a small cbet of about 50% of the pot. CO calls.

Turn comes another Ace and once again he checks to me. Now I start to think that maybe he has a hand like a mid PP possibly T's/8's/7's, maybe even Ax. I decide that to try and get some vlue from these hands on the river I would check behind and just go for a value river bet, as I don;t think he had much with the check-call line.

River is ANOTHER Ace for QUADZILLA!! Meaning the board is now A93AA.

Once again Co checks to me, but now I start thinking that it's likely he has a pair and if I make a decent over-bet it's going to be tough for him to lay down a full house. So I go pretty big with my river bet.

He umms and arhhhs for a little bit and reluctantly calls.. ONLY SHOWING 99!!!! he had flopped a set, turned a boat and then I had rivered his ass with Quadzilla!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Run good much BurnleyMik??? weeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I was behind the whole way and there I was wondering how to extract value when I would have been valuetowning my own azzz!!! hahaha. Poker gods (amen) were smiling down on me.

Morale of that hand? Slow playing gets you the karma you deserve!

At the first break I was upto about 18k with a few other small pot wins.

After the break I went pretty quiet due to not many cards and not really getting or giving any action, although I was all in at one point vs the aggro's when I opened AKs from the BTN and he 3-bet me in the SB for the third time, so I moved all in, to which he insta passed.

At the second break I was back down to about 18k and the blinds were starting to make their mark.

I started out the next session pretty well, 3 betting another aggro guy wth pocket 8's and shoving the TJQ flop. lol I suck, but he opened so many pots his range was huge and I knew I could pressure him. He seemed pretty pissed about having to fold, so very next hand he opens early pos again and it folds to me on BTN with T9s. I make the call and the flop comes 58T with one diamond and he immediately announces all in. Something like a 11k bet into a 4k pot. I was just thinking WTF!!

No way I felt AA/KK just open blasts a rainbow board like that and a set also doesn't just shove. He either missed it totally with a hand like AK/AQ small PP and didn't want to be pushed off the pot again, or he had a hand like JJ/QQ, even then maybe value betting may have been better.

So, with my top pair and a few backdoor draws, I call.

He flips QQ. Well played IMO. His shove did exactly what he wanted it to do, it looked tilty and badly done, but he had the goods.

Turn came Jd giving me one gazzzzzzillion outs and river brought the beautiful 3d for my runner runner flush tyvm. :-) He wasn;t a happy chappy, grabbed his coat, steaming and left. I felt it might have been a bit of an insult to try and shake his hand, so left it at that. poor bastard.

This is where my stack peaked at about 54k and that was the highest it ever got!! (I matched ot a bit later).

I tthen went on to lose a few pots, against friends. First was a pot vs Gorvacofin off the forums, when the blind level had just stepped up to 600/1200 with 100 antes. He open pushed from the CO for about 13k, it folded to me on the BB an I look down at AQ. I don;t really wanna eliminate a fellow rtr member, but he was playing for another team, so sod it, I called :-)

Fortunately the board bricked out and I ended up giving him a double.

Very next hand it folds to me in SB and Lou Saban (playing for Ace of Clubs) who has about 7k in her stack is in the BB. I look down at K6s, definately better than your average hand, so I just push it all into her. She makes the insta call (and rightly so) with A6. I flop a King, but the ace is a river and I lose another pot.

I then move tables, but unfortunately I can;t catch any type of hand and everyone is in steal/push mode and it always seems to be raised or shoved before it gets to me so i have to fold my way about when I get no hands.

I move again and once again get fuckall. I tried a steal BVB when i had 64o. I raised, but the bastard just blasted and I had to fold. LOL.

That basically rounded up day 1. I was heading into day 2 with a 37k stack and the blind level going to be 2k/4k with 600 antes.

Day 2

I had already decided I wasnt going to ladder because our team couldn;t realistically win. Theoretically we could if me and Brian finished 1/2, but we were both short stacks and other forums had more members with bigger stacks left, so I was going to try and win this so at least we could all walk away with something.

3rd hand in, it folds to me in the HiJack and I almost crack a smile when I finally see a hand! AK!!. I move all my chips into the middle. The CL at the time, two to my left asks for a count, which is good as if he has AA/KK/QQ he calls already, so now I WANT the call, I wanna go for it, double me baby!!

Eventually he folds and so does the rest of the table. I decide to show him my AK, to which he says he had AJs FML!!!!!!

Nothing more happens for the rest of the orbit, but just as I am about to pay the BB.. i get moved! weeeee.
I move to Brians and Sams table and this is where my fate played out.

My final hand occured:

Guy opens UTG (he had done this previously so his range is not mega tight or he is running hot UTG) to 11k. it folds round to me and I have a stack of about 50k (thanks to a few steals getting through) and look down at 7s8s. I get a rush of blood to the head and think that if I can hit here I could pick up a lot of chips and make a good run at the final table. So i call.

Flop is Js5sJd.

So I pick up the flush draw, which i am happy about. I decide I am going for the check raise all in on this board, it's a great board to move at for me because even if i get called I am drawing to my flush.

So, i make my check getting ready to announce all in, but he checks The alrm bells should have gone off, but they didn;t.

Turn was Qh.

I sat there for a minute thinking. There was about 30k in this pot and I had 39k behind. If I check it to him again, I feel he takes this away from me with ATC 100%. Any bet I make has me completely committed. I am in limbo a bit, I had my play planned out and now I was thrown of my thinking track.

I decided to just go for it and moved my chips in, to which he calls so fast i thought he had folded!!!

He only had JJ in the hole and flopped QUADZILLA!!! lolololololol. FML!!  I really should ahve picked up on it with his flop check, but the size of the pot blinded me.

In hindsight I made a lot of mistakes. I should have just open shoved flop for a starter, although the outcome would have been the same it would have definately been a better play. I also should have just folded rather than tryin to get too tricky, but then again you have to mix it up sometimes in MTT's to make these deep runs.

I ended up busting in 24th of 160. I really enjoyed it though, it was a very good event a well run.

Brian, my raisetherver team partner ended up going out just before the final table in 12th and Sam (gorvacofin) busted in 11th.

great day all round and I am glad I bored the living shit out of you reading this!!! :o)


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  1. ul mate an good report! seems like you still played well barring the turn shove when shortied lol. Obvs K6s was the right shove an if that flopped cowboy holds you're well in the game