Thursday, 7 January 2010

More tables..

So, now I have become more accustomed to 6-max and I have a nice little strategy going I have started slowly upping the tables from my original 3, then 4 and now I am utpo 6, possibly 7 if I can find juicy enough ones.

It's not actually as hard as I thought. I have 4 on my big monitor on the left and three on my lappy screen on the right. A decent mouse makes it pretty simple, without using any scripts. i guess it helps that on Purple I can use the middle mouse wheel for sizing my bets, which takes loads of time out of dragging the scroll bar up and down or typing in the amounts.

Another good aspect is I am getting more rakeback :o) (always an ulterior motive!). I can also play more hands and hopefully this should improve my bottom line.

I am still enjoying the cash, which si not like me, I usually get fairly bored and despite being down on my overall All in EV, I am still up this month by just over 5 buyins.

I am strating to feel more comfortable sitting down and grinding a 1-2 hour session, taking a short break and then coming back for anotehr hour or so. I then usually fire up the xbox for a bit to chill back down before hitting the sack.

I don;t know about you guys, but if I go to bed straight after a session, I find it difficult to switch the brain off, running through hands in my head and trying to figure what went wrong, when really I just wanna chill and sleep, hence I play the xbox Live.

So, yeah, it's all goo at the moment. Progressing nicely along, although nights is coming up so my volume will drop considerably.

I used to be able to play at work. I'd go in, work my nuts off to get my jobs out the way then spend the second half of the night grinding and watching poker training vids, unfortunately some mother fucker has grassed me up (well not directly named me). The gaffer had a word with us all saying he had been informed that someone was in the offices often for the second half of the nights and if he found out who it was it would have to be disciplinary.

There are some bitter little fuckers out there. I reckon it's definately one of 3 people, but I'll never really know unless someone tells me. I don;t see what fucking business it is of theirs, I get my work done and stay out of their way. Everyone in their does their bits, i.e. foreigners, mending their car, sleep etc, thats the way nightshifts go, so it pisses me right off that someone got the hump and grassed me up. At least have the bollocks to tell me to my face. Scum. I am sure they will show their true colours one day and they aren;t always in work...

Anyways rant over.

Lets hope this weather clears up a bit, it's still facking chaos two days after it fell!




  1. Feel your pain work wise mate, happened to me when I emailed a screen shot of an $900 hand I won AA v AKo @ $2/$4 (Minor brag) out to mates a couple of years back (From hotmail addy not work) in my "what's bankroll" days.

    Somehow that ended up at head office, from an anon email address. Wankers, had an idea who it might be and no proof but just jealousy. It didn't remotely affect my job playing.

  2. Have a go at using AHK's - it made multitabling much easier for me.

    I'm using Poker Shortcuts which is free now, and most of it works fine (with each update from Full Tilt things seem to break so I guess it won't last forever)

  3. At least you didn't get the sack for writing your blog at work and browsing 2+2 etc through a proxy server like I did!

  4. That's well out of order.

    Yorkshire Pud - I hope those aren't sackable offences here, if so I'd better clear my desk. I'll probably be alright, 2+2 isn't through the proxy server though. :)