Monday, 11 January 2010

It's never as bad...

Despite feeling like total shyte Saturday, a small session last night made me feel good again. It was a winning session. Just two buy-ins, but enough to put a smile back on my ugly mug!

I played fairly well, but did drop about $30 when I refused to drop my TPTP vs a very very aggressive opponent, who actually flopped a

When it started I got the dreaded feeling it was gonna be another one of "those", I flopped a set of 4's on a 463 board and we got it all in on the flop. He had QQ and the board ran out a straight to split the pot. FML! I wasn;t happy, but after that it was all just standard with no major bad beats to moan about, so all in all I was very happy.

This game is so fucking fickle. One minute you are feeling great, next you are completely crushed! I guess it's just never as bad as it feels at the time. Poker is a game of long term, although that said, it's really screwed up my poker tracker graph for this month! lol.

Just now gotta push on through and keep working at it.

Thanks to everyone for their words of support on the last post. We all know how shit it feels when you go on bad uns'.

Just remember:

Always look on the bright side of de, ded ded de de ded de :-)


  1. cnt be bothered with the swings anymore

  2. Could be worse Mik, not sure how but it could be.