Sunday, 3 January 2010

2010 begins...

The cash has started pretty well. Made some decent cash already, about 6 buy-ins, but to be fair I am running pretty hot. My draws are getting there for the big pots and I am hitting sets again big hands. Obviously that helps a little bit!!!

Had another sweaty session with the snake the other night and again it definately helped. We discussed a few concepts we had seen on a training video and how we have both changed our game, to stop as much of the uneccessary 3-betting (it was good, but abc seems to do better at these levels). I think the heavy 3betting works better higher up the food chain, where you need to adjust your game to be able to crush the regs, at the se levels even the regs are not very good, so there is no point over-complicating it just yet. That said, I definately learned a lot from the super laggy style, especially about playing more big, tricky pots.

Xmas and New Year was really good. Spending most of our time with families, which to be fair, although sometimes annoying, is generally nice to catch up and see everyone relaxing. The little lad got a ridiculous amount of toys and presents and seemed to really enjoy himself. Unfortunatly he likes to play with them all at once so they are always everywhere!! haha. Looking forward to next year when he understands a little more though.

On a none family and poker note, the wife was telling me that celebrity big brother was starting tonight and when she told me the line-up for the show I was laughing my spuds off. Are they really gonna put a cage fighter boyfriend and an exboyfriend of Jordan in, along with Vinnie Jones and expect no trouble? LOLOLOL!  I guess they will have to keep alcohol off the agenda. It should be fun IMO. I might actually watch it at first and see what happens. I hope Vinnie leathers both of those idiots!

..and on the TV note did anyone watch Royle Family on xmas day? Eggy Bread? LOLOLOL. Those skiddies in his kecks when he was on the throne...ewwwww. Pure comedy. Shame that show stopped IMO. Always enjoy the xmas specials though.

ok laters



  1. Jeez, what is Vinnie doing in there? Could be fun.

  2. Good Luck in 2010 m8.

    Royle Family was the funniest show all Xmas, had to watch it twice to make sure I hadnt missed out.

  3. Vinnie ftw!!!!

    Fuck it, missed Royal Family :(

  4. I hope Jordan's ex wears his womens clothes,gets all gobby so Vinny slaps the shit out of him!!
    glgl Mik.

  5. Not sure Vinnie would win that one though. It will be a good watch though. 1st one with real celebs it seems apart from Reid and that grandpa shagger.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR Chief and good look with the cash.