Tuesday, 26 January 2010


After returning home Sunday night, I was in the mood for some more punishment and decided to fire up a few MTT's. I played the following:

  1. Sunday Warmup Satellite ($40.80)

  2. Sunday warmup ($215)
  3. Daily 30k ($11)
  4. $4k GTD turbo ($4.40)
  5. 360 max big antes ($22)
  6. 5k GTD Turbo ($5.50)
  7. 15k GTD ($11)
  8. 500 Max big antes ($27.50)
  9. Sunday Quarter Mil ($11)
  10. Bloggerment ($5)
  11. $8 MTT ($8.80)


  1. Sunday Warmup Satellite ($40.80) - 1st for $215
  2. Sunday warmup ($215) - 1554th/4818
  3. Daily 30k ($11)  - 34th/9450 for $170.10
  4. $4k GTD turbo ($4.40) - 608th/3986
  5. 360 max big antes ($22) - 32nd/360 for $54.00
  6. 5k GTD Turbo ($5.50) - 2987th/7950
  7. 15k GTD ($11) - 711th/3888
  8. 500 Max big antes ($27.50)  - 270/500
  9. Sunday Quarter Mil ($11)  - 3134th/34,340 for $24.03
  10. Bloggerment ($5.50) - 6/11
  11. $8 MTT ($8.80) - 568th/3161
Outgoings  =  $362.50
Returns =  $463.13

Profit =  +$100.63

I made a post and running hand by hand on the forum if you wanna check it out click this LINK

In the 360 max, big antes, i was CL for quite a while, it was all going good for me and I felt confident of a decent score, that is until I ran KK into another good stack's AA. FML!!! Win that bad boy and final table is a minimum IMO. I was pretty gutted to end up busting 32nd.

In the Warm Up, I made a big mistake re-shipping over someone I thought was opening light. I had 55 and he called with TT. Fair play, no beats, looking back I'd have been better just laying it down, but w/e I live and learn I guess.

The 30k was where i was really gutted. 9.5k entrants and I was running good. I was top ten in chips for ages, getting as high as second in chips at one point. The blinds and antes were so big that there was no way I was nitting up and to some of the railers i guess it looked spewy, but I had good reason for everything I did and I wasn;t there to min cash, I was playing to stay top ten chips as much as possible and keep trying to accumulate. I worked pretty hard in that tourney and stayed fairly active. I finally busted in 34th, when i shipped over a raiser with 99. he called off his stack with KJo (questionable IMO, but w/e) and turned a Jack. Was a bit sickening, but the tourney was virtually a crapshoot at that stage anyways.So 34th of over 9,000 other players, 7 and a half hours work for a measly $140! lol. sucks.

I also got deep in the worst tourney in the world, the Quarter Mill, but only managed a mini-cash. To be fair I never had a decent stack and it was pretty much always push or fold for the most part.

The other tourneys were fun and I got quite deep in a few others, but nothing of note. I remember losing KK to AA in the 500 max Big Antes and then Busting AA with KK in another! hahaha.

I had decided to play a much looser, more aggressive strategy, with the intent of building stacks wherever I could and it seemed to work well, a little more luck when deep and I reckon I could have made a big score.

Overall I enjoyed it and made a little profit, so all is good.


  1. Nice run in the donkaments the past couple of weeks mate. What do you put it down to? Has playing a ton of cash games helped you?

  2. Wp in the 30k gtd Mik,especially against such a mahooooosive field!! Loved your call with 66 v 33 as i recall!! Keep the results coming in & gl.

  3. Pud,

    yeah playing cash has made a world of difference. I have the confidence to happily take people on in position and play them post flop.

    Smooth - thanks mate, was nice to finally run good on stars.

  4. Donkaments are the devils work, stick to cash mate lol, nice results though :)

  5. Cash is my preferred game, but if you took a $100 profit every time you played, you'd be a rich man, so should be happy with a jobs well done.