Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Am I going back?

Don't get me wrong cash games is where the regular income and improvement of your skills comes from, but right now I just CANNOT find the motivation to start sitting down night after night and flogging it out grinding.

I am starting to wonder if I'll ever get back to it. I think in my mind I do want to, but then the evening comes and I just can;t get motivated, the last few nights I have ended up grinding a few MTT's instead and to be fair I've done ok, probably made around $1300 or so, likely more than an average hard grinding month on the NL50 tables.

I doubt I can keep grinding MTT's though as they are just so time consuming, like 5+ hours to get through 180 runners etc. I do enjoy them when I get deep runs, but I get so fucked off when I pay really well, finish top twenty out of 400+ runers and get $19, when it cost $10 to

I think I might move back to cash and take Sunday night out as an MTT night. That feels like it might work for me personally.

meh, not sure yet.

Sunday and Monday nights I played the MTT's and yesterday night (Tuesday to you daywalkers) I decided to just play the satellitte to the APAT Scottish Online Champs on Saturday. Needless to say getting AA cracked by TT for the chiplead with 15 left on a 469 board was pretty brutal. Sigh, I run like shit on Betfair so far.

I'll still play the Scottish event and might even have a crack at the Sunday Warm-up this week.

I am very confused about where I am and where I am going right now with poker. I just sort of play whatever takes my urge when I sit down to play.

Roll on the world cup IMO.

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