Thursday, 20 May 2010

Running Bad at Life

lol, so today I find out they have scrapped the HIPS packs, one week after I bought one for £225. sigh. That pisses me off.

Secondly the wife's dad has been in hospital ill and now found out he has to have an operation on the 16th June, meaning he cannot fly and we were supposed to be going to Portugal with him on the 28th June, to his friends villa and as such thats fallen through, meaning I lose my deposit on my flights and car hire. grrrrr. Obviously it cannot be helped, but it's gutting.

Thirdly, I have just realised that Halifax bank have been charging our pretty much dormant second account £31 per month for having an ORGANISED overdraft. £1 per fucking day to be in an overdraft, you have to be fucking kidding me. Greedy bastards. We hardly use that account anymore, so you can imagine the suprise when I saw that.

Fourthly, all this is gonna hit my BR again. Things are tight right now, so I am gonna have to withdraw from my roll to pay off the Halifax overdraft and close the account and then it's also gonna have to pay for us a holiday somewhere, most likely Britain now.



  1. Obv as fck but look after ur Mrs and her Old fella and put ur hanky on ur head and sit in the garden. With ur luck the ash cloud would have got u nyways ;)

  2. Any chance if you call the flights and rental car and explain the situation they would refund your deposits. It's not like you cancelled on a whim and perhaps if they were made to understand the circumstances they might act like decent human beings. Maybe???

  3. Mate, I would tell the Halifax exactly where to stick that!! Don't pay the feckers!! Unless you agreed to this in some way they dont really have a leg to stand on!

  4. Halifax will lose loads of customers imo, robbing cunts

  5. Repeat after me...

    All bankers are bastards...