Sunday, 16 May 2010


So close, but decided to deal HU. He had a 2.5/1 CL and tbh he was playin better than I was at the time, so when he offerred the ICM chop, I agreed....

I finished 18th of 177 in a $8.80 in FT for a min cash and I played one other on FT and that was for my RTR Syndicate game, but despite being very chipped up it was such a crapshoot in the end and my Q7 shove was snap called by 33. board 223. gg me.
I also played the $22 SCOOP and the worlds worst tourney, the Sunday Quarter Mill on stars. I managed to cash in both, but both for very small profits. I played around 6 hours in the SCOOP for that min cash, thats gonna be one long tourney. So glad I didnt play the low ME, which i was considering because that didnt start till 10pm UK time, prolly finish Monday afternoon!!

I went to a homegame Saturday with some good lads. they were goin nuts with Jagerbombs

Finished 2nd in the main game and 6th in the turbo. It was all about the piss-up really, but the lad who organised had a quality bachelor pad and setup. Also caught the Mitchell fight, where he basically got paggerred.

Went to Southport for the day today with the wife and little lad, which was nice, specially as we got some decent weather. All in all a very good weekend!

Hope yours was good too.


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