Wednesday, 26 May 2010

It's a plan!

So with having been enjoying MTT's recently and having a pretty good run of them, I have come to a decision regarding my poker and basically it revolves around work.

When I am on the night shifts, for that 8 weeks I am up later at nights and have a little more time, so I can grind out some MTT's and maybe throw in some MTT SnG's too.

When I am on days and generally have less time in the evenings and a better sleeping pattern, then I'll grind the cash tables, because it's ideal when you have around 2 hours to spare at night.

This should also stop me from getting bored of one thing and help me focus better on generally improving my game in both areas.

Fingers crossed that this should work well for me.

At the moment I am on the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday nights, meaning that I can generally do a bit of grinding Sun, Mon and Tues nights and I have done this for the last two weeks and so far (touch wood) it's gone fairly well for me, turning a profit of about $2k ish for this month, which is more than my best cash grinding month. Of course it won't be like that every month, but considering it's only a few nights per week I am happy with it.

It's always hard to tell if you are running good or playing well in MTT's, but considering it's across two different sites that I am picking up results I am hoping it's more of the latter. That said, time and volume will tell.

I have found a series of MTT's I like playing and I usualy pre register for around 8 or 9 starting between 7pm and 9pm and then grind away.

I was pretty close to a good four figure score last night, but the tide turned against me as you saw in the last post. I am just feeling good at the moment when I am playing, whether I have a big stack or a small stack I feel I can play them both pretty well. I need to work a bit harder on my mid-stack game as I am putting myself in a few marginal spots sometimes with my 3-betting and post flop play, but I know what I need to do to put it right and the mistakes I was making.

I still put my success down to learning the cash games. I have so much more confidence about reading post flop situations well and when to control pots and when to value bet the crap out of people and that helps so so much.

So ATM poker is sweet, whether it continues to be that way once variance batters me remains to be seen, but I can;t play now for the next three nights so I'll be eager to hit the felt again once the shifts are done.



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  1. Variance is killing me at the moment. Live is fine but online is murder!