Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Fatal Blow

Two very nearly's again:

Played well in both and was chip leader in both on Final Table, but the flips just went against me and a cooler or two. Just couldn;t deliver that fatal blow this time!

I started live threads from about 20 players out on both you can see it here

Was hoping to get at least one of em into Amatays binkage thread...sigh

Ahh well at least the monthly profit is lookin good.


  1. Nice work, looks like you stick to the MTT's.

  2. cheers mate, but I'm only playing these for a change at the moment and tbh I'm not even puttin any volume in really. Just played 5 last night and final tabled these two.

    Cash games are where the money is, these are nice for a break.

  3. someones running hot!!

    Nice results mik