Tuesday, 11 May 2010

MTT's and a little cash

Last few nights I haven;t really been in the mood for dragging the second monitor out and smashing the cash tables, so instead I have been farting around with some MTT's and tbh it just hasn't gone my way. I played the €20 , €4k GTD on microgaming all three nights and all three nights I got deep and either min cashed or bubbled the facking thing.

sunday night was the sickest, I was 3rd in chips with 28 left an playing really well. Basically anyways I open with KK and a big stack, prolly top ten just open pushes... I snapped him off as quick as I could and he had AA!! WTF, who plays AA like that when deep? FML. That was for chiplead and world domination! I ended up monkey tilt shoving the next couple of hands and got busted.

I got second in some $8 scheduled MTT on full tilt and went deep in a few all over the shop without really making any decent scores. How people play these for a living is beyond me, you need so much luck when it comes to winning the big flips at key stages. especially the Stars games with 48 billion players lol.

Anyways, so the MTT's was a bit of a fail although I think I was in profit overall, it wasn;t by much.

I have also been playing 1 and 2 tables of NL100 (simply because I couldn;t be arsed to fire up the 6/7 tables of NL50) and have done ok, my only problem is the games are just not juicy enough at NL100. It's stuffed to brimming with decent regs all chasing the same fish and my other major problem is microgaming have nt dealt with teh short stacking problem yet and these ratholing bastards are becoming more and more prevalant at the tables.  I genuinely hope they find a solution like the other sites have or I will be moving my roll elsewhere.

None Poker:

This election thingy is a total fucking sham IMO. It's pretty worrying how this is gonna play out because you can bet your bottom dollar that it's going to hit us in some hard financial way. I am just praying it's not the interest rates because those going up on top of the current energy, fuel prices, food and drink increases and just general high cost of living would probably cripple us. It's a tight squeeze now with the wife being a full time housewife/mummy, but we manage it, if things changed we'd be bolloxed.

I am not even gonna go into my thoughts on this shit with the Lib Dems weilding the power, the party that got the least votes of the main 3.... fucking scandalous.

Ok thats enough shyte for now. Might try and do the part 2 of the Newcastle trip tomorrow.

Gl at the felt


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