Sunday, 30 May 2010

Big Sunday + results

Tonight I am playin a few of the bigger tourneys to see if I can bink a decent score

So far the schedule is lookin like this:

7pm - Sunday brawl on FTP ($256) 147/3793 (+626.88)
7pm - $42k GTD on FTP ($24) 2250/4054
7pm - $40k GTD on Stars ($11) 5499/9366
7.30pm - $150k UK Freeroll on Stars (freebie) 2657/8906 (+$10)
8pm - $33k GTD on FTP ($24) 1051/3793
8.15pm - $20k GTD ($11) 2425/3720
8.30pm - Sunday Quarter Mill ($11) 2295/30,920 (+27.82)
8.30pm -  Stars Turbo Takedown (freebie) 3093/18,655 (+$95)
9pm - Sunday Million ($215) 3046/7214

Might add a few in here and there depending on how I start in the 7pm games and might try and sat into the $55 stars game

One time and all that.....

****EDIT*** can;t complain - qualified for Brawl with a 3500 FT Points satty and got into SM for about $16.

outlay for tonight: $541
Returns: $759.70
Profit = +$218.70

Thanks for all the good luck comments


  1. Good Luck Mick -- You wouldn't consider playing one on the smaller sites (as well/instead) to reduce your variance a little ??
    The Big Pokerstars/Tilt win has the potential to be life changing, yes - But maybe a first in a smaller tourney has the potential to give a nice return and keep you from getting to despondent?
    -- IPoker/OnGame/Betfair etc all have decent Guaranteed Tournies with smaller fields on Sunday

  2. Gl Mik, Im in a few of the same GTD on Tilt... going for the brawl? now you've got either big ball or a big BR

    Good luck

  3. VOJ - The sats to some of those games as so poor mate that it's worthless unless you have the BR to buy-in direct IMO. I agree they are probably easier to negotiate, but their software just can't compete with the top two, where I can multi-table so much easier.

    Jak - Satellitted into pretty much all the big ones mate. The Brawl was a 3500 Full tilts point sat

    cheers for the ood lucks too. I'll need em!

  4. I should really check what I writein future! well done on the 3500 ftp sattie i know the one, ive managed to get a bunch of step 3 tickets too... might catch you in the 33k KO

  5. I struggle multi tabling on tilt, the amount of times i have to click a few times to get onto the right table it's so annoying. the multi tabling on boss is much better but that network is shit in all other possible ways

  6. Gl - hope the grind goes well. I bubbled 3 satellites so not playing the big ones this week.

  7. Well done mik nice cash in the brawl!! any news on the MSOP Main event sattie or sattie's??!!??