Sunday, 2 May 2010

Night of the Donkament

Newcastle report to follow shortly. After returning,as usual, I have a taste for MTT's again, so tonight I'll play a few small buy-in donkaments. I might blog live on here, but I will update all my tourneys and results:


$4.40 2 REBUY 1 ADD ON -


€20 €4k GTD -
€10 BOUNTY -

Full Tilt:

$5 TURBO -
$8.80 -

I've pre registered for most of these, will try and updat throughout the evenign on the break times :-)

************EDIT 10.23pm************

It's gone Shyyyyyyyyyyyte! lolol. I haven;t played too well in most, but deep in the $4 2 rebuys and 1 add on. currently 11/133 and still in the Uk thingy.

I was playing well in the SCOOP until aggro with my openeded str8 and flush draw and proceeded to miss my 142 million outs vs a guy ho had the mighty second pair!

the turbos were funny bad and I missed the first 25 mins of most because my lappy froze.

so last two and hopefully score something....

*********EDIT - The next morning*************

LOL. Lost my key flips and it was good night Vienna.

In the $4 rebuy, I shipped over a raise and caller with AKs and got a call off 88 and AJ lol. obv AJ runs out the winner. Finished 53rd I think.

In the UK thing finished 130th ish , I built a big stack here, then lost AK vs KJ and pretty much straight after shoved 99 into KQs and proceed to lose that too.

way it goes i spose.. a total crock of shit!

oh and i had KK cracked by J8s in the €20 microgaming game, all in on a J high flop..river 8. sigh.

I like MTT's, but you need a ot of time and a lot of luck, omething I am short of with both!