Friday, 30 April 2010

April Round-up

Well April has been a little bit of a washout for me poker-wise. I started off strong, but then never really got going. Not too fussed as I guess we are gonna ahve those months sometimes and I have been doing so much work on the house and at work that I really just haven;t had time or been in the mood when I sat down.

House is ready for the market, we had the valuations at the start of this week and are just getting a few quotes together for the HIPS (fucking Con too IMO). Once I find a decent price for that, that doesn;t have any dodgy clauses, I'll get it sorted and the house should be up before the middle of next month.

Ok so poker results:


Microgaming: 9894 hands for $81.09 loss, but $319.19 rakeback = $238.10 Profit.


Microgaming: 5 x €20 5 player SnG's for €50 profit ($66.50)
Pokerstars: 7 tourneys for $5 loss
Full Tilt: 11 tourneys for $143.10 Profit

OVERALL: $442.70 Profit


  1. doesnt seem like too bad a month. good luck with the house don't let them screw you over!

  2. GL with the house. Ours went on the Market in feb, and we've just had our first offer. Frustrating waiting for something to happen, watching houses you want sell because you can't do anything.

    Hips are a con, I agree, rekon they will be scrapped after the election. Negotiate on estate agents fees, and don't forget the fresh coffee before viewings.

  3. Nice profit fish, GL with the house!!

    P.S why do I keep losing comments on your blog, last week I had 21 now it is 19 ffs?