Saturday, 10 April 2010

NL100 so far...

My startegy for NL100 is different to NL50 in the simple fact that I no longer need quantity for decent rakeback, instead I can focus on quality. Instead of my 7 tables, I now play 2-4 depending on what is available.

My first few days went really well, I was hitting and getting paid on my big hands and all was sweet. A few winners in a row and in no time I am over $500 up...weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

That was until, yesterday when it all came crashing back down and in two sessions I dropped about $400 total. Not doing much wrong except my aggression cost me quite a bit with missing about 95% of the flops I raised pre. Not a single set hit, etc etc, the standard stuff, but it definately fits the theory of "eat like a bird, shit like an elephant". It takes a good few days to build it up and a single one to pretty much wipe it out! lol.

I did expect it to happen sooner rather than later so it's no big shakes, I'll still stick to my original rule that if I drop below my original 5 buy-ins I just step back down.

The Grand National was a bit of a sickner. Black Apalachi was there or thereabouts for almost the whole race and looked to be in great shape about 3 fences out until Mccoy made a cracking run at it over the final fence and BA just couldn't find enough to close it back. I had a tenner on the nose, so sweet FA back!

A big congrats to Burnley on picking up their first away win of the season, crushing Hull 4-1! I still think Laws is shyte. :-)

Hope you all have a good weekend and enjoy this sunshiiiiiiine whilst it lasts.



  1. That win over Hull was pretty impressive I must agree - wonder if Portsmouth will do one over Spurs today?

  2. Black Apalachi each way mate was the bet, 4/1 good price. Got to hand it to McCoy, he cant half get those nags home with 200y to go!!