Monday, 5 April 2010


Played just over 1k hands last night. I wasn't 7 tabling, just 3-4 most of the time as there just wasn't that many juicy tables.

Anyways it was up and down like a brides' nightie!

I started off well getting upto about $75 in no time at all, then it went tits up when my Aces got cracked by 5's and shortly after my Q's got cracked by 8's. Suuuuuper standard, but it dropped me about $70 down. I just stuck at it for a while and then it started to fall into place and without really winning any major pots I just won a ton of non showdown hands with plenty of aggression combined with actually hitting some hands!

Here was the graph for last night:

Was a fun night ;o)

On a none poker related issue, I have been doing some re-wiring in the house and I have never seen anything fucking like it! The hallway light switch had about 10 wires coming into it,all red! A total fucking mess, turned out it ran the house alarm, the upstairs circuit, the kitchen, the utility room, the landing lights. Took me absolutely ages to work it all out. Fucking cowboys who lived here previously, nothing was earthed ffs. So i had to go through the house checking all the electrics. I almost got a nice belt from it too at one point when I forgot to knock the mains off before attempting to try another configuaration!

Seriously people just need to identify wires so you at least have a chance. Older houses are a pain in the arse.

We are finally getting it all finished up with the intention of selling up and moving to a new area. Should be fun for sure!

Have a good weekend.



  1. Electrics is a piece of piss mate, red to red, black to black, blue to bits, simples :)

  2. Another shocking story about electrics!!!

    Taxi for Smooth!!!