Sunday, 25 April 2010


At the moment I am in a bit of a poker lull. I just don;t feel like sitting down and firing up loads of tables and grinding away. I think I've only played about 8k hands this month. Part of the problem is that my rakeback was wrong for the last two weeks of last month and I am still chasing that up to get it sorted and the other part is the demoralising feel of the roll being depleted.

I am sure I'll get the urge again soon, but for the time being I haven't played too much poker, just spent a bit of time working hard on my Xpert11 teams (I love this now I have gotten into it properly, it's strategic as hell!) hoping to get to the top division with my Hibernian team, gained promotion with Rosehill Clarets, Currently in 2nd in the huge geaue (division 5:26) or something daft lol and just taken over a 4th team at Halifax town! lol.

I might actually set a private league up if any of you guys are interested, it's pretty good fun.

I also donked around at a few of the new rush tourneys. Played 4 of the $4.40's and managed to bink one for ~$150 and played a $26 one, which I finished 9th in, just hit FT and ran JJ into KK.

I'll be playing the bloggerment tonight and the APAT National League game and might play a few stars SnG's alongside.

see ya there

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  1. there's a thought. rakeback. never ever checked mine lol. i could be getting screwed fucking rotten there too lol.