Thursday, 15 April 2010

Roll takes a hit

So life stuff has gotten in the way meaning I have had to draw $2k of my roll, which is a sickener, but I am still rolled for NL50. With the wife not working and living costs seem to be getting higher and higher we haven;t got as much disposable income and as such the roll is having to pay for a few jobs on the motor, a few things for the house before we sell and spending money for the hols.

I'll still be playing my usual NL50 game, but not as many tables as I am trying to adapt to a more aggressive style of play, which is quite fun ATM actually. it's one of those where when it goes right you win big, but when you miss everything and people don;t wanna fold to your continued aggression, then it can cost you, so I'll weigh it up in a little while and see if it is profitable and if so is it more so than my original style, with the new style I basically:

  • 3-bet a shitload more from CO and BTN (looking for 13%+)
  • C-bet a much higher % of the time (currently 65%, looking for that to be nearer 80%)
  • Increase CR's OOP.
  • Call more Blind 3-bets with position and put them under the cosh (as long as they 3-bet more than 9%)
  • Isolate more in position with a wider range

The reason for all this was my trip to NL100. The aggression up there was much higher and I found it really hard to play against until I started adapting and I realised how much more profitable it could be if used profitably at NL50. It's not easy because you need balls of steel and be prepared to 3-barrell if you feel they are weak etc.

Looking forward to my poker right now.

Good Luck at the Felt.



  1. I looks like its paying dividends judging by your tarbs last night mate!! All comfortably up it seemed, $140ish on one if I rem before you came of.

    Nice to see the withdrawl curse doesn't hit us all ;o)

  2. GL fella, I will watch and cheer you on. I will take some tips for my return!