Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Taking a shot

After being a NL50 donkey for a few months now the BR is at a point where I can afford to take a shot at NL100. TBH I haven't really felt comfortable enough with my own game to properly attempt this previously, but being careful, I have set myself a simple 5-buy-in stop-loss at which point I drop back to NL50.

I moved some cash back to Purple Lounge to give it a decent go. My main rule is not even attempt to play more than 3-4 tables until I have decent notes, reads and confidence to play my A game.

I played some the last two nights and so far I am up just over 3-buy-ins and I am not kidding myself , I know it's because I ran pretty well, including getting set over set on someone.

The aggression levels seem to be a lot higher than NL50, especially pre flop, with more 3-betting than I have encountered before, but I have adjusted to make sure I am 4-betting a bit lighter and being prepared to play them with position when I can take advantage of it.

So basically at the moment I am just being very cautious. I won't be scared money because I can afford to drop the 5 buy-ins and still be very comfortable at NL50, this is just a case of dipping my toes in and testing the waters before making a decision on whether to dive in.

Let me run hot one time poker godssssssssss!!

On a none poker front - I had to order a repeat prescription at the docs last week ( I have Asthma) and I went to pick it up yesterday and took it to the chemist and was charged over £22 for 3 items. How shit is that? For medication I NEED I get charged through the arsehole as well as all the money I pay in NI from my wages, yet if I lived in Wales I would get my prescriptions for free. It makes no sense to me, we all piss in the same pot, but yet if you live in England you get screwed even harder by this peice of shit government. Was probably worse because the young guy in front of me was getting his for free (most likely he didn't have a job).

So once again, if you work ,you get fucked over. Sigh.

Anyways politics is shyte.

Hope you run good.



  1. Hey , we(USA)just passed a law, so our health care could be more like yours .

  2. Be sure to check out my blog. The video has Bill saying just pass it , we are not that bright anyway.

  3. 5 oh Two - the problem for us is that the Scottish and Welsh get their prescriptions free, where as the English don't. It's a fucking outrage and something has to be done. It sticks in my throat that I pay Scottish people through University whilst the English pay for their own. The cunts are welcome to their independence, but independence doesn't mean that the English pay for it.

  4. I dont understand why we pay so much for prescription drugs. I suffer badly from hayfever and just bought all my stuff from an online website and bought the same generics the pharmacy wanted nearly 42quid for !

  5. Us paying & they dont really sucks imo,but if the alternative is to live in a barren waste land of skirt wearing,porrige eating thickos or sheep abusing boyos who gob all over you when they speak to you........then i'l (un)happily keep paying!!!!
    gl Mik

  6. Have you thought about getting a pre paid prescription certificate mate? My Mrs has asthma and it last 12 months and costs approx £100

  7. Best of luck at $100nl Mik.

    Btw it's a pity ignorant cunts like hoopie can't get their facts straight before leaving comments.There are no free prescriptions in Scotland ( due Apr 2011) and only 11% ( ul Mik!) of English people pay them just now.

    Personally I think nobody in the UK should have to pay,especially those with long term conditions like Asthma ,diabetes etc

    I'd also swap you Uni fees for all the Scottish North Sea oil money the whole of the UK has benefited from over the years...

    Gonna spark one up before I start on how Scotland was used as a testing ground for Thatchers poll tax...!

  8. Gl at 100nl mate, I will join you one day lol

    As for the prescriptions, just start taking Heroin mate, then you get everything for free, housing, food the lot.

  9. LA - I wasn't aware of that, and I apologise. This debate could run and run but to me it strikes me as pretty unfair that you pay the cost of higher education depending basically on your postcode.

    Besides, we're still waiting for your lot to say thanks after we helped you clean up the cluster fuck that was the Darien expedition. ;)

  10. No probs Hoopie.Rule Britannia :-)

  11. WQW
    Looks like the U.S isn't the only one fighting about healthcare.

    Snake Eyes you have a point.Here an alcoholic can get paid disability because its classified as a "disease".