Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter weekend

The month started out ok, not really played too much until last night. Unfortunately for me last night I was on the beer a bit more than I anticipated. A couple of beers with my tea put me in the mood and I had alread planned a grinding session as Saturday is prime with piss-heads dumping their money (oh the irony). So I got the second monitor out and a raft of beers and proceeded to play. It all started out rosy, i was playing good and was up about $80 ish.

Unfortunately then I started getting pretty pissed and I should of stopped, but instead I started becoming one of the players I look for on a Saturday night! I missed two big draws for stacks and went of drunk-monkey-tilt and proceeded to 3-barrell with 99 on a T8752 board vs a rock player who had JJ. lol. Then I squeezed big with AKs in SB and BTN called me. I c-bet the JQ8 flop and he called an 8 on the turn and I just blasted..hahhaha. He only had Quad 8's...lolol. I then "ahh fuck it" called down with top pair vs a guy who obv had me beat (he had AA) when I had TPTK.

Note to self - Stop playing when you feel the effects of beer!!!!!!!!!

I managed to finish $160 down and most of it went in the last 25 mins of the session.

Oh well at least I have the rest of the Easter Weekend to look forward to!


  1. I see you just posted.
    Need a small favor.
    Could you click onto my blog and tell me if have any trouble getting to it?
    I got a new template and I'm not sure it working right.

  2. Just leave a comment if you could,so Ill know you made it.

  3. It is a funny thing, sometimes I have played some of my better poker when pissed. It is a fine line between having the benefits of increased confidence a few beers brings and being downright sloshed and playing retarded I suppose.