Monday, 12 April 2010


Just not sure what to do right now. Just ran 4-buy ins under EV in less than 600 hands. I'll not even bother telling you as you've seen.heard it all before. The worst thing for me was when I had two big hands at once on two tables, a Str8 flush drw with 8sTs on a 9sJs Ad board and an aggro donk leading into it and flopped 2 pair vs a nit I had on JJ+/AK and my laptop froze up. I actually watched myself gruesomely time out on both tables and there wasn;t a fucking thing in this world I could do about it. I lost the plot. I am basically taking stacks on both hands a good 70% of the time.

I should have stopped there and then, but instead i took a few mins to cool off and went back to the tables only to drop a buy-in to a spazzy fish when I raised btn with QQ, SB (an aggro reg) 3-bet me and fish flatted the 3-bet of BB. So I made it €40 to play. SB folds and fish shoves. I am delighted until I see he had KK. FML and totally fuck this night. I then go and retard monkey tilt spew another €100 off with TT, which I just played absolutely ridiculously bad.

I feel awful. I just hate poker so bad right now.

I am only left now with 3.27 of the original 5 buy-in buffer i deposited to play NL100. I am at a loss as to what to do, I don;t wanna drop str8 down thanks to one cold night, but dropping €100 stacks is affecting me, without a doubt.

meh who knows, I'll think about it again when my head is str8.

***Morning after night before*** - Still feel shyte, but apart from the super spew with TT I didn;t do too much wrong and have to take that away from it. I just got very unlucky for pretty much the whole night. Nothing you can do about those sessions.

I just wish Microgmaing had more $$$ tables rather than €€€ tables because it fucks your BRM up.

Plan now is to drop back to NL50, just until I get my next rakeback payment on the 15th and then I'll take another shot.


  1. The mood swings I had when I had the inevitable downswings playing cash games were why I gave them up. It wasn't fair that I was getting irritable about something that was supposed to be a hobby after all. So I've found my current diet of SNG's supplemented with 36 man tourneys after I've had an outright win in a SNG works for me. I still get downturns of course but I find them easier to cope with this way. You are playing more games at a higher level of course - so it's significantly different.

    The APAT game on Sunday was sh1t for me. 100/200 with 10BB's I go all in with TPTK on the flop and get called by a flush chaser with the same stack, who of course hits on the river. Story of my life in these...sigh.

  2. I am a terrible tilt monster mate, although it's gotten slightly better whilst actually playing, i still let it bother me at the end of a session.

    Which apat game on sunday? ut oh I think i missed it.