Thursday, 13 May 2010

For Sale

Thats it. House went on the market today. Finally got the rip off HIPS pack sorted. That cost me £225 in the end. All the estate agents wanted £350+ for a HIPS. I managed to find a company near me that did them so contatced them. When the woman turned up she explained she does them for the Estate Agents for £225 and they charge the Customer £350+ for doing absolutely fuckall, so effectively I cut out the middle man by doing a bit of leg work.

Actually a feel a little bit gutted. I've done a ton of work on that place over the years and we finally get it pretty much finished and sell up!  I love the house, but hate the area.

Basically at the top end of the estate there are still some old council houses and recently they have been closing down the two roughest areas in Burnley, Burnley Wood and Stoops Estate, for renovation. So they have been moving these fucking scroates in one family at a time and slowly but surely it's been getting rougher and rougher.

These are the types of people who have a load of kids, but refuse to work. You see them all times of day wandering about in their fucking dressing gowns and pyjamas.. wtf, have some self respect. They don;t give a toss about their property or gardens and basically let their kids just do whatever they want as long as they are not in their hair. (Think I might be a little bitter!)

Personally I don;t give a shyte, they don't really bother me much as long as they don;t affect me directly, but the mrs doesn't feel safe when I'm on nights and it's not going to be any good for the little lad. So we made the decision to sell and move.

Fingers crossed now it sells and we can get things moving before the World Cup!


  1. why you posting pics of Amatay and his mates on a note out ??? is that the right snap ??


  2. lol, hope it goes through quickly for you pal. There are some right dregs of society round here aren't there!! And it's getting worse....

  3. Mrs P has told me all about the Stoopes estate, sounds lovely.

    You looking to stay in Burnley mate or you going to move further afield?