Friday, 3 December 2010


Warning none poker post!

Nowt to say about poker really atm, except I have signed upto See how it goes.

The snow virtually brought the UK to a standstill earlier this week and with more forecast for the weekend will the local councils manage to finally get on top of it with all this "extra" grit they have supposedly got?

Have to admit I do love driving in the stuff when the road is clear, sliding all over the shop in rear-wheel drive cars is awesome. 

Here in Sunny Burnley we got probably about 10-12" of the stuff (don't ask how I measured that!). I took the little lad out to play in it for a while, fully expecting him to be cold and miserable in the first ten mins, but no he loved it! Particuarly jumping from the steps into the deeper snow and rolling the snow for a snowman. Can't wait until he is old enough for snowball fights :)

I took a photo for the forum:

I think we were fairly lucky actually as I know Yorkshire and Scotland got batterred with the stuff. I did have to luagh at the news last night though when there was talk of food shortages due to the weather! hahahah GTFO, I mean seriously.... People were actually panic buying. LOL wankers, some people panic about everything and usually end up making it a nightmare for everyone else.

I wonder how countries with simlar climates to us manage?

On a seperate note I see we got screwed out of the World Cup 2018 + 2022 by the completely corrupt orgnaisation that is FIFA. I mean I don't see how anyone really ever got their hopes up because Sepp Blatter fucking hates England with a passion and he has shown that so often in the past. He's bound to have a lot of influence over the de;gates, so we were fucked from the word go IMO.

I don;t think it's ever been in doubt that we were probably the best candidate for the event, but we obviously don;t give the best bribes and we all know Russia is renowned for it's corruptness throughout it's hierarchy.

What did suprise me though Qatar winning the 2022 world cup! WTF lol. Manchester has a larger population, their football team is shit and the country is a strict Muslim country. Lot of fun thats going to be! No beer, No women etc etc. Not really what your average footy fan is looking for.

One thing is for sure, it's about time the FIFA organisation was torn down and rebuilt upon more honest foundations because Blatter and his cronies are a fucking disgrace to football.

Right off to pwn some French fish...


  1. Gotta get signed up to Stars. fr asap.

  2. Don't sit on the fence Mik. say it how it is! Should put a few "allegedlys" into some of those sentances before the mafia come round a put a blowtorch up your arse.