Sunday, 19 December 2010

Donkin aboooot.

Been playin a little bit of poker, bot much, but the odd table of 6-max here and there and some Rush. None of it seriously, just donking about.

In the rush I started off trying for a DOV styleee spin up, win 4 buy-ins for the next level and step up, drop to 4 buy-ins for the below level and drop back down.. rinse repeat.

I  started at the end of last month and did pretty well. I started at NL10, did welland moved to NL25 and once again crushed, so moved to NL50, but then the Cooler King came and I lost a stack with AK vs QQ, when I really fucked up by just flatting the BTN and then anotehr half stack with Aks vs QQ (how the fuck do you win flips btw?), I then spew-bluffed a bit in what I thought looked a great spot, but villain obv knew it was a great spot and snapped my bollocks off with his top pair. fml. So, it's back to NL25 I think they should have called it "Rake Machine Swings".

Also been doing a little donking on The standard is truely fucking horrific and the shit these monkeys are showing up with sometimes just fucking blows me away. So far in 3-bet pots I have seen Q4o, 38o and A2o. I mean lol wtf. Anyways, the RNG is teaching me a bit of a lesson there ATM, apart from last night when I managed 1 fish at NL50 to put his full 100BB's in with TT vs my AA. The only thing that is hoding me back ATM is the 7% rake. Although Rossi did some great calcs on his blog that got me thinking. Check them out. My problem with these is that I am not adjusting my aggression to them properly. If people miss they DO NOT FOLD and so I must adjust my opening ranges/3 betting ranges etc.

Overall I am pretty much breakeven on both this month

Here are the gay December graphs so far from my single tabling adventures! lol

I am probably just gonna play a ghey little MTT sesh tonight, hopefully and some $$ to the BR.

Until the next time...keep donking!

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  1. I've gone back to basics and am only playing one table, though at normal speed games. Its amazing how shit everyone seems when you're actually paying attention rather than trying to get 1-2k hands in!

    GL for the tiny remainder of the year and for 2011 mate