Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I finally start playing!

So recently been mixing it up between RUSH poker and 6-max on pokerstars.fr (French verson of Pokerstars) and it's going pretty good touch wood. The French fish are incredibly fucking bad and tbh I am loving it. The rake it pretty high, but ATM it's working ok because my win rate is fairly good.

I am up on the French site ~ €300 in a week just playing 6-max NL25. Think I have played ~3k hands. Not gonna say too much for obv reasons.

In the RUSH I have had to alter my game to basically being super patient. Forget bluffing and barrelling too often. Just play ABC, super solid and right now it seems to work. The key seems to be for you not to make errors in your own play at all.

Thanks for the Xmas wishes on the last post. Xmas was great Little lad loved getting all his pressies and he got a ridiculous amount,but it was definately worth it. All the family stuff is done now and out of the way, so a couple of days chilling before the New Year cellebrations begin.

Hope you all had a good xmas too. Not long before 2011 is upon us.




  1. Typical of Snake to comment straight after me to stay 1 ahead on the top commentors list.

  2. Nice to see a positive post :-)

  3. I might have to try out the FroggyStars site in the new year. Would be nice to get off to a flyer and the €500 bonu or whatever would be great too!