Thursday, 9 December 2010

Working on the Forum

I recently spent quite a bit of time trying to learn and properly understand phpbb, HTML and bits of PHP coding so that I could maintain and run the forum better than I was, as basically I knew fak all. That said, I am now well on my way. I have made quite a lot of subtle changes as well as some obvious ones and hopefully it's starting to come together. fingers crossed. I am actually pretty pleased with myself as it's pretty complex stuff to get into.

If you aren't a member, get over there and make yourself one!!

I actually managed to sign upto and lets just say...... That tank is gonna take a LOT of tapping!!

For anyone interested, drop over to the forum, there is a thread about it and getting yourself validated to play. Also some of the usernames so of the other guys have come up with are awesome. Gutted I never put much thought into it now.

The main good points for me is they have a lot f €5-€50 buy-in MTT's with great guarantees and fields of runners between like 200-1000 players, meaning that you get to play the Stars software (table ninja works on it too) and doin't have to wade through ridiculously large fields.

The cash tables are also very soft from what I have seen so far. Playing on tables with 3-4 fish is just awesome. Almost printing money? :)

I'll not say too much more for obv reasons.

With xmas round the corner and my last shifts to do at work next week I will hopefully be able to put some table hours in!


cheers for reading.



  1. le chat est hors du sac ? non ?



  2. Is it really that bad mate? I always thought the country sterotypes were all bollocks

  3. get me on your blog list fish!!!

    sites looking great now, well done on the hard work!!

    much love