Wednesday, 1 December 2010

No money, everyone's solid.

Still struggling to actually find the motivation to sit down and play poker. I have now gone back to the Xbox360 and playing the online games in the evenings rather than poker.

I am just finding poker is just way too much of a grind these days. You are continually being forced to sit in games with a minimum of 75% regs at every cash table and the fish really few and far between. Slowly but surely all these greedy governments have really fucked up online poker. No Americans, no Fench, no Italians etc etc etc. The player pools of casual/fishy players has just gone down down down and it makes for shit poker when you are continuosly just breaking even or making a small profits. SnG's are stacked to fuck with mass multi-tabling nits that just play a pretty much unexploitable push-fold style and for me I personally just don;t have the time to regularly sit down for long MTT sessions.

I have thought about PLO, but it has more swings than NLHE and I struggle with those!

So for now, I am probably just gonna play causally here and there whenever I feel like it. I am loving the RTR HU North vs South event, but apart from that it's all shit. I play the odd game of rush on my mobile, but we all know thats just a run-good fest.

I have now moved and drawn a majority of my BR. Just leaving in a few hundred dollars to play casually. All the rest I have drawn can help pay for xmas.

I will do a monthly round-up when I can be arsed, but for now I hope life is treating you good and that this snow will soon fuck off!



  1. What would your life be like if you had nothing to cry about?

  2. If you're just playing for fun try PKR, I've played the cash games there a bit recently and it's like going back in time in terms of the standard of play. OK you can't really grind there as you see about 2 hands per hour per table, and the software takes some getting used to but its those exact things that keep the regs away.

  3. lol. Love the pussies who hide behind anonimity. Have some balls to at least stand behind your comments. Cowards.

    RF - Never really tried PKR, might venture to have a look at some point.