Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Defeat admitted

Rush poker - can fuck off. I had a few days off, came back, immediatel ran cold at NL25 so I did what any self respecting gambler would do and moved upto NL50 and proceeded to run bad and spew even more off. I am now ~$600 down for the month and thats a hit my roll at the moment can;t really take. I am proper pissed off at myself for the lack of discipline, but I am truly gutted at how I ran at rush and thats not just talk of bad beats, but the number of coolers like set over set etc that I sufferred just never really ever gave me a chance to get going.

According to Poker Tracker I am $450 below EV. Meaning if my hands had held when i got it in ahead I would be $900 better off ($450 I wouldn;t have lost and instead $450 I would have won), add the coolers to that and it's easy to see how shit I actually ran.

If you get rakeback on Full Tilt prepare for your doomswitch to be hit!

Oh well back to rebuilding. I am also regretting drawing nearly all of my roll to pay for life stuff as it's left me really short now when I am needing it. Sigh.

I haven't got a fackin clue what I am going to play now...


  1. Chuck it all on roulette which I am convinced Rush poker is based on. Stupid game.

  2. your a fkin nob anyways so har har!

  3. lol anonymous and posts that comment. Think that says enough about you pussy.

    LOL Rubbish it was insane, but I lacked proper discapline.

  4. Get back to grinding sng's.If you can play as many tables as your capable of you should make a decent hourly!

  5. You also lack proper spelling, Sir.

    i've always maintained rush is just a rake generator. its hard enough multitabling 08 but even with just a couple of tarbs of rush on the go, there aint enough time .... and thats with just 2 cards lmfao ! (zagga says i need to say "imho")

    tilt is ugly, rush tilt must be a spectacle to behold .... for all the wrong reasons !!

    advice, err .... dont play rush poker !



  6. I've had to fight hard not to play any Rush poker despite my roll being on Full Tilt for the time being.

    You used to win decent monies at SNG and then cash so why not do a mixture of both?

  7. Play football, it's less frustrating....

    I'd like to see how many people consistantly win at rush compared to winning at normal ring games

  8. Leave the rush alone mate....its mental!

  9. Rush is for lunatics, mentalists, idiots, and geniuses. I am none of the above, and it seems like neither are you. LEAVE WELL ALONE!