Sunday, 18 July 2010

Days 5 + 6

Day 5 - Was doing ok and was well in profit, but at the end it all went a little pear-shaped, when I had KK into AA twice, one of them for a $120 pot and then lost a flip with AKs vs QQ, all this meant I finished the session down $26 rather than up, but no complaints as thats pretty standard stuff. Once again I hit my points totals for the day and knocked out around 1100 hands.

Day 6 - Just a day on MONSTER coolers. Got a set of 6's into a set of Q's on a Q 6 2 flop. Had AA cracked by AKs, which runner runner flushed. Got top set, 10's, into a 1 card straight. I also got it in on a JJ52 board with KJ and ofc opponent has 55. lol. I also got AA busted again on a ten high two club flop, when he had TT. Sigh FML. That type of session just destroys your hard work and in reality there isn;t a fucking thing in this world that you can do about it. I ended up finishing the session down $88, which means so far for this month I am now down ~6 buy-ins. My all in EV graph tells the story to be fair. I've been brutalised!!!

I hope my fortunes change a little as tbh I am playing ok and there is still plenty of time to turn it around.


  1. How do you keep track on your opponents Mik? I found that once you had folded you had no idea who won, if they bluffed, if they had the nuts.

  2. Poker Tracker mate. I always review my hands after each session.

  3. Keep it up fella, only another month then I should be good to gogo lol