Friday, 16 July 2010

Rush - Day 4

Last night I changed my approach a little. I was 4 tabling the Rush games instead of 3 tabling and tbh found it easier. I can;t explain why, but I just felt more comfortable.

I started out badly, playing a hand shit when I missed with AK on a flush drawing board and set up a turn shove. Board was Ts 3s 8d 6d and I had AKo. I shoved turn and he tanked for a while and then called with JJ (in a 3-bet pot). Still, badly played vs someone I had no stats on.

Thankfully thats where the shit play stopped and I got a grip of myself. 1.1k hands later I was ~ $68 to the good for the session, so I recovered that silly start and finished in profit.

I also hit the first part of the bonus, clearing the first $25 for getting over 100 points on 4 consecutive days. Pretty easily acheivable too and whilst I am still adapting to Rush it's a welcome helper.

I need to squeeze it in again tonight before playing the RTR team game, which after all the banter and bullshitting each other I had better put a fkin good performance in! lolololol. I'd look a right twat if after oining Nightmare Nick I played like a tit and bust early!!!! Hopefully the reverse will be true and I'll nail that ginger fish to the wall :)

ok gotta run, hopes you runs goot.


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  1. Thank you, I needs to run goot. lol. Nice looking blog.

    Come visit me sometime if you have a chance.