Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Rushing Around

Firslty, a big thankyou to all who stopped by and left comments on my previous post. Is great news!

I finally got rakeback on my existing Full Tilt account! weeeeeeeeeeee. So, I moved 1k over there and am starting to grind some NL25 6-max. Just firing up 3 tables and away I go. It's pretty itense and it takes a lot of concentration to make a lot of good, very very quick decisions, but so far I am enjoying it.

I was toying with the idea of going back to microgaming tbh, but I can play the same volume on three tables of rush, as I can with like 7 tables on Micro, so it means I don't have to drag out the second monitor and spend too much time table selecting.

The plan is to try and play 1k hands per day aiming for roughly ~15k hands this month as it's a late start. I'll also be involved in their Rush bonus thingy this week, with the plan of getting a free $50 just for playing as I normally would, so that's a bonus to the start.

Strategy wise, well I am just playing pretty aggro ATM and it's working well, but I am not bothering firing 2 barrells too often as people at these levels tell you whether they have a hand or not, so it's best to get the goods and then take them to value town. My 3-bet on the button is extremely high as so few people have reads on your play, so often have to take it at face value.

The only big problem is that now the French have been ring-fenced away from the main player pool b y their greedy fkin government and we all know the majority of Fench players were terrible. So now even fewer fish swimming around the ponds.

Anyways I'll stick at it and hope you are all running goooot!



  1. Mik - was your FTP account affiliated with anyone previously?

  2. No mate, but it still took me a year for them to agree to it.

  3. How did you get rakeback???

    I havnt got it and tryed getting it and they fucked me over, msg me mik ;)