Thursday, 8 July 2010

Who's the daddy!


recently found out I am going to be a daddy for the second time and I'm absolutely made up! There will be around a 2 and a half year gap between the little ones, which is what we were sort of looking ofr, so it's all perfect.

Proper happy about it!


On the poker front, I am just experimenting on the Rush Poker. Just crashing about at NL10 (I have ~40 buy-ins on tilt for it). I can get volume in and not have to play a million tables.

I have bought myself into the APAT Worlds Main Event at DTD in August, so lookng forward to that.


  1. Congratulations on the second nipper Mik. That is the same as the gap between my girls, which worked out fine.

  2. Congrats mate. Hope all goes well for you

  3. That's wierd, Snake rang me up today to say he was going to be a Dad as well but he asked me to keep it quiet!!!!!
    Congrats Mik.

  4. If it comes out with a little tit helmut and some handcuffs I know where Jon lives!

  5. Congrats mate, really pleased for you and the family!!

    Rubbish, dont forget tickets to Cardiff in Feb :)

  6. Congratulations!!!!
    Prayers and best wishes to you and your family.

  7. weeeeeeeeeeee, congrats again Mik, see u next month

  8. Congrats dude

  9. "a visitor from Sherbourne, Dorset" .... fuck me, your live traffic feed is pissed ! call snake .... err, maybe not, he's obv visited once too often !
    well done mate, your work is done, now the the real worker takes charge, congrats to both you and mrs mik

  10. Hey That is amazing. two and a half years is teh difference ebtween me and my brother, and although we fought a bit when we were kids, from the age of about 16 and 18.5 we have been best friends.