Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Rush Swings

So after my first three days of Rush it's already a rollercoaster.

Day 1 -  Played aggro, but not really getting anywhere fast. Win a buy-in, lose a buy-in, sort of like that all session. Think I finished about $6 to the good after 1k hands. I did generate 148 points for the promotion though hitting silver for the day, which was the plan to maintain to get the free $50 after 7 days.

Day 2 - Good day, played hard got a few monster hands including quad 2's, which I got a stack with vs AA and then got Quad tens, but no action. Overall it went pretty well and I finished ~$84 up, so 3-buy-ins ish. Once again playing about 1.2k hands and generating enough for silver rush bonus on day 2. I was feeling pretty buoyed up now as things were going well.

Day 3 - The shit hit the fan. I was still playing my super aggro style, but was missing everything and I eventually got mega frustrated and dumped pretty much 3 stacks by 5-bet shoving when I lost my rag vs 4-bettors. Sigh. I ran into KK with AK, JKs I 5 bet shoved and was called by 99 which held, depsite me picking up a FD on flop. Then I Shoved AJs vs AK and lost, which was deserved. I lost another stck BVB aggainst a guy who was pretty much a maniac, he raises from SB, I 3-bet with JJ, he 4-bets, so I shove. Obv he has Q's. FML, I really thought I was way ahead of his range there. I was also Check-raised a fkin million times on my c-bets, which was adding to my frustrations. Overall though there are no excuses, I played like a twat and got what I deserved. I would have stopped ealier, but I needed to make my points and in the end I dropped ~$170. Fkin terribad. I seriously need stop losses because when I hit monkey tilt in such a fast game, I spew quickly and heavily.

Today is day 4 and I'll be playing tonight and hopefully playing much better.


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