Thursday, 22 July 2010

Refuse to give up

As you might be able to tell, I still have a couple of tilt

I laugh myself when I read them back, but at the time of writing I was steaming mad and writing it helped me vent it off my chest.

Despite running like dog-shit I am sticking at Rush for now. I am messing about all the time trying to find a good strategy and it's not easy. The 3-bet monkeys are getting the better of me right now, but I am working out how to deal with that. I mean pretty much any hand you open from MP-BTN is 3-bet by someone behind you and it's almost everytime. Against the monkeys that do it out of position I have no problems, I just call with all my value hands and float the shit out of their c-bets. Against the guys doing in position, well thats a different prospect. Following tons of discussion with Snake Eyes in the past we realised when it comes to being OOP vs a 3-bettor then you have to 4-bet or fold (unless you are setting a tarp with a monster) because it becomes so much harder to play post flop if you flat a 3-bet OOP.

The thing that makes me laugh though, is just by watching a majority of these guys they have absolutely no fucking idea why they are three betting. They aren't doing it for value or a bluff because of the opponents they are doing it against, they are probably just doing it because they have seen it on some training vid. Some of them are horribly bad, so there is money to be made, I just need to run better.

Last night I lost a big pot quite early with set over set, when I check raised the guy on a K89 two suited board and I had 99 and he flatted with wut? Anyways of course the turn was a ten and all the money goes in. Not long after I had anotehr set over set, with 7's vs A's. Sigh. Meant I was ~3 buy-ins down and had done nothign wrong. 

I was starting to tilt again, so I just sat out, took 5 mins, got a brew and posted on the forum. I then fired the tables back up, adjusted my strategy a little bit and went back at it. I finally finished up $9. Yep thats a shitty amount, but at least it wasn;t a losing session.

So far this month I am around 10 buy-ins down (~$250), which is a shitty feeling, but I am not prepared to quit just yet. I might find I can;t beat the game, I don;t know, but what I do know is that I will take another look at around 40k hands and see how I am doing. If it's still bad then I'll knock it on the head.

Oh and if anyone knows any good Rush training vids or are beating the games well and would like to give me a little help then feel free to drop me an email to or add me on MSN


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  1. I've not played Rush for a few weeks but I remember that there were a lot of three-betters even as low as NL5.

    I think this is because they know that players are generally going to raise as a steal more frequently as the raiser knows the majority of the table will have the auto-quick fold button pressed.

    IMO, you either have to tighten up your raising range or begin to four-bet lighter, especially against fishes defending their blinds