Friday, 6 November 2009

yum yum

could just eat one of these!!!


going well right now. Little lad is walking about and getting into everything!! he's a little star actually, always has me laughing. Wife's sister has been visiting for a few days, which always feels weird when you no longer have your house to yourself. She leaves today, phew, back to lounging about in me grundies in the evenings!!

We are off to Blackpool this afternoon, to take the little lad over to see the Illuminations, which should be nice. Have a bite to eat out for tea, have a walk through the lights, ride the trams and generally just be cold!
Working overtime Saturday night and then my normal shifts until Wednesday morning, all counts towards the xmas pay packet, so it's gotta be done.


Struggling ATM. Having some real swingy sessions. Its gone:

Win $83.
Lose $86
Win $55
Lose $78
Win $5
Win $16
Lose $47
Lose $70
Win $78

overall down like $48.

Not too worried about my play, I know I have leaks, but they are not that exploitable by the players at these levels. Swings are inevitable and I know a couple of mistakes I am making, including minkey tilt..

i.e. One pot. I three bet on the button with AJs vs a fish. He calls, we get it in on a two diamond flop that was cards lower that 10. I miss all my outs and he had A4o and re-raised all in with 3rd pair! LOLOL. Next hand he raises from MP and it folds to me so I just open push AQs... lolol. I know. but if he called the 3-bet with A4o, I figured he would call my shove with all kinds of shit. He did call and had 99 and held.. lol.

So that cost me around $100. Thats just stuff I should be able to control (the AQ hand). I'll keep working on it, but my mental strenght is a lot higher since moving to cash and I intend to build on that and keep moving forward.

Got a target of 10k  hands this month, so let me run goooooooooooot!!!

right, off for a shower




  1. that breakfast looks delicious mmmmmmmmmmm

  2. it looks like someone has jizzed on the bacon!

  3. looooooooool. the fak did you spo that?