Sunday, 15 November 2009

Taking stock...

Spent a bit of time today reflecting on my recent poker. I am definately making mistakes, thats something I have to work on, but also found I was losing quite a bit of cash in the small-middle sized pots, where I am simply using aggression and then giving up when played back at hard. I sort of guess this comes as part of the territory when playing a LAG style of play. I mean I upped my game to where I was roughly playing a 27/24/6 game with a 3-bet percentage of between 7-12.

As anyone who understands these stats knows thats fairly aggro. My c-bet percentage is usually around 70-80%. Now this style, when you are hitting is absolutely shit hot because you get paid on all your monsters and it's hard even for decent villains to adapt to, nevermind the donks who just think you are bluffing all the time. The flip side of this is that when you are not hitting anything and people start playing back aty you hard, the money soon starts to spew away and for me that brings about frustration and even more spewing.

"Eat like a bird, shit like an elephant" - Doyle Brunson.

Sums me up ATM. If only I could control the frustration when things aren't going my way and stop trying to make things happen, I am pretty sure I wouldn;t have lost a number of buy-ins. I have to accept that a loose aggro style is going to bring bigger swings than a TAG, but if you get it right can be extremely profitable.

Another thing I HAVE to do is spend some time reviewing the hand histories of the multi-tabling regs. I need to start looking for ways I can exploit them and their play. Look at their betting patterns and what hands they have been showing down. Assigning these guys ranges is going to help me make money long term.

I am not too worried about the fish as my style of play often forces them into daft mistakes, but it's the regs who I need to start working harder on.

For now though I am going to spend a bit more time reviewing vids and PT3.

Weird how its so fucking easy when you are on an upswing and then a downswing smashes you back to reality. I guess in the long run, although i hate it, it will be good for my overall game.



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