Saturday, 21 November 2009


Had a short sweat session on Skype with Snake eYes last night and really enjoyed it. I like how he has his HUD setup and I will prolly change mine to suit as its just so much easier to get positional stats and stuff.

Think I can learn a lot from him as he has a really solid game. I think I might be able to add a bit to his game too. so all round beneficial to us both.

So the roll has took a bit of a beating recently and I am hoping to get that back on track very soon. I have a bit tied up in staking a couple of peeps and tbh I feel its pretty safe with them. Both good and honest players. The rest is split between everest, purple, stars, full tilt and iPoker.

TBH its just a case of work, work, work and more work on my game. I'll get there, I know it.

looking forward to the mirror prop bet abd the bloggerment tomorrow night.

see ya soon



  1. Ey up Mik, work & practice for both of us imo & i hope you get there fella!
    What happened to your post on Amatays binkage thread the other night??
    I was looking forward to reading about someone elses victory instead of that fishay all the time!!

    glglgl. (smoothplz)

  2. Mik, the sweat sessions have been really beneficial to me mate, having another perspective whilst actually playing the hand live is very helpful indeed. Amongst other things you have identified, the problem with note taking is bad. I have taken steps to rectify this, but what I have done that has been really eye opening is going over the hands in PT3 then making notes on the players and how they play, really beneficial, thanks mate, another session soon me thinks, you this time and on skype :)