Friday, 13 November 2009

Please stop...

.. flopping fucking sets against my overpairs!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE.

I am getting crushed. I no longer know whether I was playing any good or was just on a heater because now I am spewing money like a fucking idiot. I am also doing what I thought I had cracked.... tilting.

last night I fired off TWO buyins with A6o and 77. both times 4 bet shoving vs an aggro twat who was driving me mad. He just kept rivereing the shit out of me. I had him bang to rights a few times for decent pots and he hit rivers on me. I couldn;t help it, the head went.

My general bad run/ bad play is just ongoing now. Really starting to doubt myself. can i really beat this cash game????? I genuinely don;t know. It was all going so smoothly, but now.. disaster.

I peaked at around $850ish and then it all went tits up. I started wathcing poker vids again, upp my aggro and my 3-betting and although i think i am getting it right for the most part, I am still making mistakes, or are they??? Considering going down the road of a coach to help me atm.

poker is such a mind-fuck.

As you can see from my graph, it started so well...

Not quite the diagonal line I was hoping for.

In limbo right now. Not quite sure what to do. Maybe I am being too fickle? fuck knows. Feels so horrible to drop cash like that after doing so well.

over and out.

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  1. my two cents... ditch the training vids and play your own game. Usually works for me but then again ive never forked out for training. Im guessing that the aggro approach they teach is what leads to this variance.

    GL BM