Thursday, 19 November 2009


Not played too much cash, but the two sessions I have had have both been losers. I am still spewing too much when i play and missing everything. I *think* the harsh variance has to end soon. Really hard when you have an aggro image and EVERY big pair you get flops an ovecard! meh, w/e, fuck it.

As for the evenings, well i have been playing MTT's instead, just for a change of pace and because I am off work for a week.

I have enjoyed them TBH and had some deep runs. Was unlucky the other night when I finished 12th in the $30, 6k gtd on iPoker. I also had deep runs in the $10 rebuy (25k GTD), the $10 10k GTD, an $8 MTT I played on full tilt and some other min cashes. Still feels brutal to play really well for like 4 hours and then lose a 70/30 for top 5 in chips.

I have been trying to get a bit of practice for the challenge amatay threw out on the forum. I'll be playing it Sunday, but I know how much that stars RNG fucking hates my guts!

TBH, I still really miss the days of the Cryptologic tourneys. They always had like 100-300 runners and soft fields. I loved em!! Shame they completely binned that software, would be awesome to see it return.

Gonna play some more MTT's tonight because I really wanna get a spot on Amatay's RTR Binkage Thread!!!!!



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