Monday, 16 November 2009

Good advice

So I posted on the forum with my predicament of playing LAG and not tilting when you are on a dry run and tbh I got some very good advice.

This was one of those peices of advice:

"Playing too laggy can be counterproductive at 50nl. The point of playing LAG is i) win more in non-showdown pots, ii) developing an image that gets you paid. The problem with this at 50nl is that people go to showdown a ton, so a style based on winning non-showdown pots isn't great. And image doesn't really matter at 50nl - people are always going to pay you off, no matter how much of a nit you are

The other thing is, playing a more aggro style is going to increase your variance. More variance = bigger swings, so it's easy to second guess yourself and tilt when you play this way. If you're prone to tilt, a more solid style might be best, especially if you're on a downswing." - Gorvacofin
It really got me thinking. For the last few weeks I have been watching numerous training vids on LeggoPoker, in regards to 6-max. Most of the vids I have watched have been around the 50NL, 100NL and 200NL, all have advocated a Loose Aggressive style of play and this is what I have adjusted my game to suit, but when I read the above comment I started thinking....
Playing those styles on Full Tilt and Stars is probably a good idea because of the amount of tight regs and grinders and the LAG style is good for exploiting those guys, but the Euro sites where I play is particularly full of fish and the LAG style just doesn't work too well against people who are going to call you to the river everytime with 2nd pair etc.
I guess in real terms, that I haven;t adjusted properly to the games I am playing. I have just seen this loose style on the vids and tried to adopt it.
So the plan is to simply drop back to playing a simple TAG game. I'll still 3-bet liberally on the button to CO and Hijack raisers, as mentioned in the advice given by Snake (below), but overall, just tone my game down a bit. Tighten my opening ranges up and basically just play the goods.
ABC is the way forward right now.
Some more of the advice:
"Here's my advice for what it is worth.

I watched the Krantz/FoxwoodFiend vids and decided about 8 months ago to play a LAG style. I was 3 betting anyone and everyone from all positions, C-betting every flop, getting it in vs a nit with TPTK. This new style of play just so happened to coincide with my worst month at 50NL.

I had a few weeks off when I withdrew my roll so I couldn't play. I used this time wisely and went through PT3 analysing big pots where I had either won or lost.

I discovered that I was leaking money in 3 bet pots OOP, so I have nitted up from the blinds, only chucking in the odd 3bet with with SC to balance my range.

An important point that I have learnt is to utilise the button to its maximum, 3 betting alot more from it vs CO/HJ openers. TAG style FTW at these stakes mate" - Snake_eyes
I wanna thank these guys for opening my eyes, as so often, unless you really try, it's facking hard to see the wood for the trees.
On a seperate note, the return of the Bloggerment kicked off last night. I was working unfortunately, but figured I would register, just to add to the prize pool for all those who made the effort.
Sounds like it was a lot of fun and there is an awesome comedy write up by Rubbish on this blog . The thread of events are here and here.
Can't wait for next week when I can actually play. Remember if you are a blog reader or write a blog, or are a member at RTR then you are more than welcome to play. It's every Sunday night at 9pm GMT on Pokerstars. Password is donkament.

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