Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Bonfire night is coming...

And all the teenage tossers are already out letting off the fireworks all over the shop...wankers. Frustrating thing is their parents always blame someone else when the pissing about goes wrong and one of their kids gets injured... grrrr.

I usually like Bonfire night, but once again the Yoghurt nitting health and safety folks have barred the big local bonfire and fireworks display at Townley Park due to health and safety risks. WTF, soon we won;t be able to wipe our own arse because there is a danger your fingers could go through the toilet paper and touch the shit with your bare skin!

Kids can't play conkers at school without goggles... just read some of these, it beggars belief. These guys are pathetic killjoys.

Oh well, looks like I'll having to see if anywhere else is running a decent fire and attend that. (I am not talking about the kids burning the wheelie bins!) Can;t beat a good firework display and fire, especially on those cold wet November nights.


Still going good. Finding some super juicy tables over at microgaming. Just look at this one I found yesterday. 3 of the 6 players player with over 60 VP$IP.. unreal. Like the good old days! Only problem was the mobile broadband disconnected me and I lost my seat!

Still going good though.

Oh and for BH -  drop me and email to mik@raisetheriver.com and I'll let you know about that 55% rakeback deal thingy.

Hope you all have a nice bonfire night.


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  1. Your right mate, the world is going foookin mad. I just hope they dont try banning us from playing poker for health and safety reasons. 1) The risk of us getting a paper cut
    2) Mucking our cards in frustration and accidently hitting the guy who called an all in bet with 24 off and hit a staight on the river eye out!!