Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Ups and Downs

I have been sticking to the 6-max cash now and this month has really been a mixed bag. It started well, then went really poor and finally it has started to pick up again (fingrs crossed).

I went through session after session where at the start I would take a cooler and spend the rest of the session just looking to recover. I know thats the wrong attitude, but when you are on that downswing anything that can relieve it is a bonus, including booking a win, no matter how small.

Over the weekend, I had a few pretty bad sessions, that really knocked me and although I played bad in places, I just felt I was getting into inevitable spots where it's so hard to get away. Looking back through PT3, I was right there were a lot of spots, that TBH I couldn;t have played all that much differently. That said, there were definately hands where I spewed and hands where I gave up too easily to floaters (and I don;t mean turds!).

So my last few sessions have all been winners and pretty decent at that too. I only 4 table ATM, so my volume isn't huge, but I am really hoping I am through the worst of the downswing and I can start making a move from here to try and make this month profitable.

Just gotta keep working and pushing on through, no matter how shitty it feels sometimes.

Poker is a fickle bitch, but it's not a bitch that is going to get the better of me. Longterm I am going to beat it.



  1. I admire your confidence & determination Mik.
    The comment about poker being a bitch is so true!! Gl fella,you know you can do it!

  2. GL Mik. With the 180-man prop bet im not sure ill be playing cash until next year. That said, i might back out of the prop bet and get some cash hours in on Microgaming. hmm what to do?

  3. Grab that poker bitch by the titties and hump her till she starts shitting gold.