Thursday, 12 November 2009


Having a hard time right now. Been watching numerous training vids and turned up the aggression, but it seems like it wasn;t a good time as I am on a bit of a downswong!! It's only 4k hands and there is plenty of time to turn it around, but its been hard this month. Everytime i get it back, I have a bad session. I have to admit that I have spewed a few times too. it's probably cost me numerous buy-ins. Hopefully that will disapear as I get more into the grinding.

Anyways, my graph backs up what I am saying about running harsh:

Fingers crossed I can turn it around. Ok RNG time to pick on someone else plz.



  1. Hello Sir, can you help me? How do I get too my EV all-in graph? Anything else I should be looking at? i'm terrible with PT3 would appreciate any advice.

    Cheers Kev

  2. on PT3 mate, just bring your stats up for the site you want, then click on the "graphs" tab at the top. Then, click the drop down menu and choose the EV all in graph.

    I found PT3 is just a case of fiddling about a lot and working things out. Googling what you are unsire of helps too.


  3. Cheer's Mick, I love a good fiddle...