Friday, 27 November 2009

Honesty is the best policy.

Played about 500 hands last night and it was a bit crazy! Started off getting lots of big hands, but getting into sticky situations all the time. Got 4-bet off JJ by a reg (pretty sure he only ever has AA/KK when he 4-bets me). Got KK about 3-4 times, but an Ace flopped every single time and I found resistance so had to let it go. Had QQ a few times, but once again, over-cards spoiled my party, until one hand where tilting because of the king on the flop, that I called him down and of course he had flopped two pair with K8, when he called my raise from the BB. Standard spew by me. I also got AK numerous times and missed everything.

At the end of the first hour I was definately steaming. I was down $180 and ended up getting it all in with AT vs a mid stacks KK. I sucked out an ace and seemed to calm down a bit from there.

Slowly but surely my hands started to hit and I started getting paid. It was slow and tedious and I had to get tricky as fuck in a few spots to get paid by the regs, but it worked out for me.

I got to one point where I was $22 up and I almost quit just to book the win (bad I know), but I had two tables that were really juicy, so I just closed the other two and had the last 20 mins on them.

Unfortunately I lost a buy in on a 9d Td X flop, when I re-raised with AKdd against a bit of a mug, playing 31/4, and he just shoved. Obv I had to call as getting it on this flop is what I wanted. He had JQcc. Turned a Jack and I lost the buy-in.

Finished the session about $26 down in the end. Was a little gutted TBH, but at least for the final hour I wasn;t spewing. Ofc I regret the spewy play earlier because but for that it would have been a profitable session.

I definately recognise that frustration is a huge leak in my game right now. When things are not happening, I am trying too hard. Doing things like going wayyyyyy too strong with my reads and pushing the wrong types of players too hard. All silly bits of shit that tbh, can easily be cut out.

At this moment in time I am trying my best to be ciritcal about my game. I don;t want to be dillusional and think I never do fuckall wrong because I know I do. The only way to get better is to work hard on your weaknesses and right now I think I know my own.

I think my overall game is ok. I even think I have got this LAG style pretty well for the levels I play. I have seen regs that leave the table if I sit down and have position on them ( I like to 3-bet the shit out of some of the more predicatble ones!). So from an overall perspective there are lots of positives right now. I know you only see the shit, but trust me my post flop game has come on leaps and bounds and this makes a huge difference.

For a long time I was a winning SnG player, where in all honesty, it's 90% about making the correct +EV moves pre flop. You don;t really get into many post flop spots, so the switch to cash was a big step. IMO its a totally different animal and I can definately understand why they say cash poker is an All-rounders game.

So my advice to everyone reading is stop looking at villains for their bad play and donk moves and be super critical of your own game. It's the only way you are going to improve. Just be honest with yourself.

Here is a good quote:

The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will. - Vince Lombardi

Right, bring on tonight's sweat session with the Snake, whilst we destroy the regs and fish!




  1. Seems I'm your top commentor, fuck I need to get a life.

  2. Lol at Rubbish!!!

    Looking forward to the session, only thing is I've had 2 bottles of vino tinto, so will prolly be talking schizz, mind, no change there then :) LAG play means huge swings, there are sessions where I have played 1k+ hands to be +300 at one point, down 100 another only to finish at even ffs!

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