Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snow and ice...

..Is great when you are at home and you can enjopy the picturesque views, but when you gotta get to work..... grrrrrrr.

Start the car up and sit there freezing my nuts off until the heater finally warms up. The windscreen finally clears, but you can't use the window wipers cos they are frozen frigging solid. Finally set off doing a cracking wheelspin over the snow that's turned to ice and crawl to the end of the street. Creeping along the sidestreets until you hit the main road, which thank fuck is clear of snow and ice. Finally get going and then BAM. You hit some prick who decides it is safest to do 10 miles an hour, even though the road is obviously facking clear!!!! argghhhhh (because snow is somewhere in their vision it's safer to go slow and piss everyone else off>??). Stuck behind the same pillock for tem mins until I could finally over take. The silly old bastard! He might as well have just walked, it would have been faster for him.

So then I get onto the motorway and it's quite dry, but all that grit and shit flicks up at the windscreen... so I fire up the window washer... no such luck, still frozen bastard solid, but now my windiow wipers proceed to smear the grit and shit all over the window and now I can see sweet FA.

So I am travelling down the motorway, peeping through the smallest slit in the window I can actually see through. Just trying to follow the tailights of the car in front. I pull off the motorway at my junction, stop the car and luckily I had a bottle of water with me so I chucked it on the window and used the wipers to actually have some visibility again.

On my way down the bypass it starts snowing again, so once again the drivers all decide its safer to do 10 mph.. ON A 50 MPH ROAD!!!! waaaaaaankers! I felt like screaming and to top it off I hit every single red light, bar one. ( I pass through 11 sets to get to work). I finally arrive 10 mins late.

I used to love snow, now its a major pain in the arse. Global Warming? MY ARSE!


  1. Every word spot on Mick - Those nonces thats suddenly decide to drive at 5mph are bloody lethal - I try and slow down through the gears in snow but when you get one of those in front of you all you can use is the brakes as they never let you get out of bloody first gear

  2. Snow tilt lol.Nice one BCT.

    I thought you'd actually run into that slow bloke for a minute.Anyways hope you and the family have a good one mate.

    Oh and you need to get Bully back for next weeks Bloggy to get you back on poker tilt too ;-)

  3. It's brilliant in Norfolk, everyone here drives 10mph anyway and think they can't drive when it snows!!! So the roads here are empty so weirdly you seem to able to get everywhere quicker then you can usually.. :-)

  4. The worst part about the poxy weather imo is the ball ache getting to work and the powers that be dont give a fuck that its been a struggle,next time i'l stay in bed & save a lot of grief!!
    Any chance of linking me back up Mik?

    Cheers & gl. smoothplz.

  5. bet ur a right fat cunt now after puttin on a load of holiday weight!