Friday, 18 December 2009

Short Stacking Ratholers...


Getting sick of these SOB's. Land at your table, double through (normally takinmg money off a fish) and insta leave. Just draining money out of the tables left right and centre. They can;t play post flop poker these arseholes. They ruin your raising ranges if they get on your left and they are generally just exploiting the bad players and ruining the game.

Seen a sudden influx on Microgaming that are starting to piss me off. Land - hit - double and leave. Cowardly wankers. Cash tables are for playing poker, not push/fold. Play Sng's if you want that.


  1. Ffs Mik,stop beating about the bush & say what you think!!!

  2. lol....

    I don't mind them exploiting the fish I guess. It's what we all do, but its the hitting and running that really grates on me. It spoils the poker playing.

  3. My theory on beating professional short stackers (blatantly stolen from Balugawhale).

    They survive by nicking blinds so their button raising range is huuuuuge. Just min 3 bet them with ATC.
    When they shove AI fold as they have a good hand unless we have a premium. In a nutshell their raising range is so large it is redik, so min 3 bet them to death and fold to a shove.

    I have been trying this Mik and it works and is also fun :)

  4. I'm with snake eyes on this one - I min 3bet all the time from SB vs their button range and you won't believe how many folds you get. You'll also get the added advantage of picking up the big blind too on most occasions as they won't want to play against your (standard) 3 betting range.

    If they are on your left and can interfere with your blind steals, lower your raise size to 2.5bb rather than 3 or 4 - this fucks with their push / fold equation as they risk more to win less. You show up with a big hand once with this raise size and they'll remember it and will mess with you less in future too....

    What's your alias on Microgamming anyway? I'm a reg on there and wondering how many times we have clashed without realising!!

  5. The SS regs I have played with never raise fold. They only ever push or fold. Which is why they are so hard to exploit

  6. hey BH you getting 55% RB for that mate? my UN is 8burnleymik8

  7. It works out at about that % after I add in the RakeTheRake rakerace on top of the standard 30% they offer. If you want same deal and you're not signed up to their site already then get involved - if you put me down as a referrer too that would be great :-) (RTR09098)

    My alias on microgamming is 666tuna - i'll add you now....