Thursday, 10 December 2009

Horsehoe - LOL

Last night I played about 800 hands on PL. Started out on fire flopping a str8 flush draw on the very first hand and hetting it all in vs top pair  ( Only for river to bring my beloved flush. I progressed on nicely from there upto a peak of about $120.  About an hour in I was going to quit to take a shower and go to bed, but decided I'd just have another half hour... well fuck me backwards with a bent blow torch!

Mr variance raised his ugly bastard head. lost a stack to a donk with old faithful - QQ. I 3-bet him (again :o) and he 4-bet me. I thought he was just tilting because I kept three betting him, so I shoved. he had KK. Fair play. *Note to self even donks get hands sometimes*. 

Not long after I lost another stack, after flatting an UTG raise (from a donk) and another donk calls on the button. I had AQ and flat called. Flop was Q9Q two clubs. I check, initial raiser leads for a small amount, button flats, so I check raise. Initial raiser folds, button calls.turn is a King and he suddenly leads out for like $23 into a $22 pot - wtf? He was pretty passive so it was eitehr a bluff or the nuts. If I call I am pot committed, so i figure he has quite a few hands I beat, so I blast. He insta calls with TJcc. Again fair enough, but maybe he should be getting that in on the flop IMO. Either way I can;t fold this to a bad player and such is life. Hand basically played itself from the turn.

Last hand is anotehr standard cooler. UTG raises, I 3-bet with JJ on button. Flop is JQx. He checks, I lead, he re-raises. I move all in (had about $70 in my stack at the time) and he insta calls. he had me covered. He flips QQ for a bigger set. Meh. Really fucking sucked balls.

I ended the session about $60 down. if only I had quit when I first thought about it!! That last half hour fucked me up.

At least on reflection I felt I didn;t do much wrong and I wasn't bad beated at all. it was just standard coolers. At least I generated quite a bit of rake..haha.

Gonna play another session tonight and just see how it goes.

So BH, that horshoe did fuckall mate, so if I were you I wouldn;t bother posting it!


  1. Mate, loved the last post about donk leads. Re above, shit happens, I know the feeling. Thats one of my problems, I never think donks have a hand lol. Another sweat session soon?

  2. Good earlier post about the donk bet scenario Mik. However,you must know that by hanging a horseshoe upside down,all the good luck drains out......hence the coolers you have just incurred!! My professional advice......turn the photo the right way up in your next post,and go on the mother of all heaters...............maybe!!!!
    Gl mate.

  3. Do they have many PLO SNG's on PL Mik? Looking for somewhere else to play.