Monday, 7 December 2009

Oh it came!

Well the inevitable downswing hit! I ran pretty badly for the two days after my last post (fucking jinxed myself!) with me getting coolered no less than 4 times for stacks with QQ. One of those times was in pre vs a donk. He had AQ and you know the rest. I also got it in on a low flop vs JJ, only for a J to hit the river and then twice I ran it into KK on lower flops. What will be will be, but from now on I fold those biatches!

I moved some back off everest and gonna return it to purple as the 55% RB is just too much to pass up. I'd have had another $340 ish to add to my BR is I had played on PL. I love how soft the games are at Everest and I like there is always at least like 20 tables going, but the rewards system is shit. I cant decide if the softness makes up for it.

Anyways on the plus side, I have recovered from the downswing again and I am back running steadily.

I am questioning one thing after reviewing everything on PT3 for last month. I am not sure, but i am thinking I shouldn;t be losing as much money in non-showdown hands. I am posting on the forum for advice and would apreciate any feedback. Take a look at my graph and see what you think. Cheers.

Played the bloggerment again last night, but played like a tit. I was the second one out...on the plus side I had a last longer bet with nocash, who was first out!!!! It's good to have a regular game with the guys you know. it puts the fun back into poker and stops it being that regular grind. Unfortunately I am doing totally shit in the league, without a single fackin point in 4 games!

Onwards and upwards!


  1. Just seen your non showdown losses - I agree with the thread and think it's pretty standard for small stakes regulars. I've lost 1.4k in non showdown pots in the past 6 weeks, while still being a 7.44bb winner overall (35k hands). I'm also trying to reduce the red line losses, but it's not the end of the world if the green line remains positive!

    Good luck for the rest of the month...

  2. I've given up on Stars and am looking to deposit somewhere else. Will drop by the forum and have a look at Everest.
    By the way, only typed this shit so that I can stay no. 1 commentor. It's all I'm likely to win this year.